Factors Affecting the Cost of Eye Surgery using LASIK

Factors Affecting the Cost of Eye Surgery using LASIK

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How exciting is the first thought of doing away with your glasses and lenses for a perfect vision! As highly appealing as these processes are, LASIK eye surgery is a daunting task for a couple of reasons. Of course, the most critical reason is finding the right place to give you excellent service quality. One of such reasons to consider is the cost of the procedure.

Meanwhile, some people consider that the eye surgery cost for the LASIK procedure is relatively inconsequential. However, these people get apprehensive when the subject of the actual surgical procedure is raised. But then, you can trust in the evolution process of the LASIK procedure over the years. More so, it has improved the technology and the safety of the procedure for patients. 

At the same time, this safe procedure can efficiently correct many vision errors with a minimal level of complications. This journey of LASIK eye surgery makes it trustworthy. In addition, bear in mind that LASIK eye surgery is not the only surgical operation on the eyes. Neither is it the only laser eye surgery. For instance, there is also the PRK and the SMILE eye procedures. Therefore, many refractive specialists will gladly offer you multiple techniques for the eyes.

Why the LASIK Eye Surgery?

Perhaps it is customary to ask yourself why you have to go for LASIK Eye Surgery. The truth is, you may eventually find out that LASIK is not the most suitable procedure for you after all. However, it has become a go-to option for many because it is still prevalent in laser eye surgery procedures. In addition, it has been tested to be efficient in treating myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism without leaving permanent side effects for most people.

The LASIK procedure gained its first approval as an eye surgery in the mid-1990s. It was discovered to be an excimer laser technology procedure that efficiently reshapes the transparent frontal surface of the eyes, known as the cornea, to make a perfect vision. Also, the process involves the redirection of the light that passes through the corneal surface. It departs from its original path unto the path where it can produce the best and sharpest focus. This system is great for the sensory retina, which is at the back of the eyeball. 

Usually, anyone suffering from shortsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism has light rays cross a focal point behind or in front of the retina. But both cases produce blurry vision and require an adjustment to make things clear. But at the end of a LASIK procedure, patients will not need either the glasses or the contact lenses because the cornea can now produce shape images right on the retina. 

How does the LASIK Procedure correct Eye Defects?

As a general proven rule, LASIK is capable of correcting different prescriptions in the following ranges:

  • Myopia or shortsightedness between -1.00 and -10.00 D
  • Hyperopia or longsightedness for up to +4.00 D
  • Astigmatism for up to -4.00 D

In the process of LASIK, the surgeon first needs to create a flap of superficial corneal tissue using one of two methods. The first one employed in those days was a manual bladed instrument. At the same time, the latest method is a laser tool called the femtosecond laser. Meanwhile, the flap is not entirely removed as it remains attached to the eyes. It is only gently put aside to allow the excimer laser to access the corneal tissue layers and reshape them. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Eye Surgery using LASIK

In addition, the process of the excimer laser reshaping the cornea tissues is called photoablation. And it also requires calculating and targeting precise areas according to the existing prescription and the biometric measurements of the eyes. After the re-sculpting of the cornea, the surgeon repositions the flap and allows the eye to heal itself unto a perfect vision. Also, before you take your LASIK surgery, understand that a bit of risk between 1 to 2% lurks around to threaten your vision gain restoration. Click here to read about How to determine if LASIK Eye Surgery is Suitable for You.

Factors determining the cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

Consultation fees

The first payment you will make with the LASIK procedure is an initial consultation fee deposit. At times, you may not pay any other extra cost for some clinics, while others may decide to charge you for examination. Meanwhile, don’t underrate the need for a thorough investigation because it determines the LASIK’s efficiency and avoids the possibility of complications.

Surgery fees

The surgery fees are another category of payment that accrue to a massive total because it involves the facility’s maintenance and upkeep. Don’t forget that the LASIK procedure requires high-tech and high-grade equipment, which requires gentle and consistent care. Meanwhile, a portion of the surgery fees may manage operating theatres in the clinic or hospital for the procedure. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Eye Surgery using LASIK

Medicare rebates

There is a special rebate that patients can have howbeit under the elective category of procedures. On the other hand, refractive eye surgery is not officially eligible for Medicare rebate in Australia. However, if you have subsequent appointments with the surgeon, you can claim the prescriptions under the Medicare provision. Even at that, it still depends on the nature of the doctor’s appointment. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Eye Surgery using LASIK

Private health insurance costs

Another exciting part of your cost of the LASIK procedure is the level of coverage that your insurance company is ready to provide you with. You may be able to claim a benefit for refractive eye surgery under ideal health insurance in Australia. However, you may need to first speak with your insurance provider on these details to ensure you leave nothing to assumption. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Eye Surgery using LASIK


Generally, the LASIK procedure is not costly when compared to other techniques for eye correction. Moreover, it may also depend on the laser surgery procedure at the time of consultation with your ophthalmologist. Feel free to book an appointment with Personal Eye Care to get answers to all your questions, particularly on further details of the total cost of the LASIK eye surgery.