How to determine if LASIK Eye Surgery is Suitable for You

How to determine if LASIK Eye Surgery is Suitable for You

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There are multiple options for refractive surgeries in correcting errors like myopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism. While a patient may already use a glass or a contact lens, more and more people want to be completely free to live without them. Of course, they indirectly make life a bit more complex, no matter how much we deny it. 

Meanwhile, we must note that LASIK’s refractive surgery is not typically for every patient with an eye defect. For instance, any eye patient older than 40 years old should not even attempt the procedure at all. Moreover, as we consider these options, we should remember that the prior examination of fitness for LASIK eye surgery requires some basic questions.

Therefore, this article begins by examining what basic questions a patient should ask to determine if LASIK or other refractive surgeries are a good fit.

How to determine if LASIK Eye Surgery is Suitable for You

Common Questions to ask yourself about LASIK or other refractive procedures

What level of surgical risks am I willing to accept?

Despite the proven fact that the modern LASIK procedure is very secure and hardly have any complication, it also involves certain levels of risk. In other words, there are some times that some amount of difficulty can occur and eventually affect the patient’s vision. So, a good question before you go under the blade is to determine the level of surgical risk you are willing to take. 

Can LASIK resonate with my career?

Not all career paths can allow you to have a LASIK eye procedure as a refractive procedure to cure refractive errors. Although only a few organizations specify that their employees or staff members cannot undergo a refractive surgery procedure, it is important to confirm.  learn more about the refractive procedure at

In other words, if there is any iota of doubt that your employer may not allow it, then it is good to ask your employer directly. At times, you may even inquire about a professional society or a military service as your employment case may be. 

How stable has my vision been to now choose LASIK?

Suppose you are already under a doctor’s prescription for glasses. In that case, it may only be normal to have slight changes now and then. Unless your glasses prescription year after year is continually getting more robust, which indicates a worsened situation, you may not need a LASIK procedure. 

On the other hand, a condition that is getting better implies that you can grow out of the refractive error and have a perfect vision in the future. 

Is there an underlying health condition that invalidates any surgical procedure?

In the presence of any underlying ailment or health condition, you need to rethink your LASIK cataract surgery Sydney plans. For example, suppose you suffer from some advanced autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. In that case, it may affect the postoperative healing that is supposed to follow. Meanwhile, these examples of conditions may indicate which is familiar to older adults.

 What is the influence of my recreational activities on LASIK?

In the course of life, if you stand a risk of suffering some physical dislocations, you may not think about LASIK just yet. The reason is that in case of significant trauma in the course of the LASIK eye flap procedure. Trauma to the eye may not be a good reason for anyone to undergo a LASIK. For example, patients that are part of boxing, martial areas, wrestling, and other similar sports may generally not be suitable for LASIK in their eyes.

In such a case, the patient should not even try LASIK at all. At the same time, some of the other refractive exercises, such as surface ablation, may become more and more suitable for such a patient.

Is there an age barrier to choosing LASIK?

Although we have already mentioned this fact in passing, raising the matter more clearly is crucial to your decision-making progress. There are no complex unbendable, and fast rules on the particular age limit that use the LASIK. Also, experience has taught us to pay close attention to specific ages.

How to determine if LASIK Eye Surgery is Suitable for You

For example, an 18-year old child can still be very unstable to undergo the LASIK procedure for eye surgery. Therefore, a milder approach is appointed to ensure that you get the perfect vision that you desire. On the other end, when the patient who considers LASIK is too old, then there is a likelihood that the patient may develop other complications.

For instance, older patients may develop cataracts or other eye complications that automatically preclude undergoing LASIK. Therefore, instead of guessing whether you are eligible or not, first, work on how to get a complete eye evaluation by a professional. Visit to read about Factors Affecting the Cost of Eye Surgery using LASIK.

Do I have keratoconus

How to determine if LASIK Eye Surgery is Suitable for You

In terms of peculiar eye defects, anyone suffering from keratoconus may not be a good candidate for the LASIK procedure. Keratoconus refers to the disease of the corneal as a result of decreasing strength in the cornea muscles. Furthermore, it is easy to detect possible keratoconus because it shows an abnormal corneal curvature when testing it. 

This condition disallows patients from using the LASIK process, disqualifies them from the surface ablation. However, all hope is not gone yet as the latest technologies are finding new ways to allow these same individuals to produce better and more lasting results. 


Finally, the LASIK eye surgery depends on the patient and how the procedure will change his life. Moreover, while the doctor is carrying out pre-surgery intermediation, it is also the doctor’s job to ensure that the involved risks are minimized. And when you suspect that you may not be precisely suitable for the role and the complicated procedure. The doctor will also take time to explain all the discoveries and how they influence your decision.